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WAGHE CASTING STUDIO is vision, dream of great visionary Mr. Vinayak Waghe. He is entrepreneur and filmmaker. He has 18 Years of experience cinema industry in various department like Screenwriting, Direction, Producing, Editing, Cinematography, Production Designer, Talent Management, Commercial & budgeting ETC.

Dear Talents,

We all know that choosing the right actors for any film can be challenging and finding the right actors will often take a lot of time, consideration, and critical analysis. 

Casting is one of the most crucial parts of the filmmaking process because performance can significantly impact how audiences and critics receive a film. Choosing the right actor can enhance your project, while a miscast role can diminish a particular character’s believability, which can be detrimental to a film.

Many directors subscribe to the famous notion that 90% of directing is casting. You can have an award-winning script, high-end camera equipment, and all the resources in the world, but if you lack talented actors, none of it will matter.

“The wrong actors, the wrong roles could turn out the wrong movie.” 

WAGHE CASTING STUDIO provides well skill, trained and experience talent to the industry. We have already Successfully placed/launch Actor-Actress as Lead Role, Second Lead, Lead Villain and other supporting character roles in film industry.  

WAGHE CASTING STUDIO’s goal is to find the right people to tell a story. Storytelling is the common theme in all forms of media and getting the right actors means that a film can tell a compelling story to its audience.

Today, Cinema has become global economy, totally international. And it universal art of entertainment worldwide. In this globalized world, International Media and Entertainment sector is growing rapidly with high end technology and modern ideas of doing profitable business while maintaining art & craft of filmmaking as it is.

So, there will be always demand of actors.

And, India is world largest producer of films. In 2009, India produced a total 2961 films on celluloid, which including staggering figure of 1288 feature films. Indian film industry is multi-lingual and the largest in the world in terms of ticked sales and number of film produced. Also there are lots television channels, speedy growth of OTT platforms or other social media platforms.

As digital and new ages technologies are changing the way of films are made.

If you have a dream of pursuing an ACTING career or Searching opportunities in ACTING in media & entertainment industry (Feature Films, TV, Web Series, AD Films, Documentary films), then send your profile and work experience link on +91 9607542176 / Our Team will revert you soon only if you fit for any role.

We look forward to welcoming you at WAGHE CASTING STUDIO.

Yours Sincerely,

Vinayak Waghe


Waghe Casting Studio

(Talent Management Company)

Founder & CEO

Waghe Media Industries Private Limited

He is Screenwriter, Music Composer, Producer, Director & Cinematographer For Hindi Feature Film “Crime Payback”


He is Member of

Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association, Membership No. 20306

Western India Film Producers Association, Membership No. 17425

Screenwriters Association, Membership No. 18949

Indian Film & Television Directors Association, Membership No.6614